Our IML Container Journey

It began in around the year 2002, PT. Supratama introduced its capabilities to humble food and snack company PT. Dolphin, ever since this introduction our corporation is growing as the business of PT. Dolphin is also growing not only in the local market but also the international market.

Dolphin’s successes in the local, as well as export markets, is proof of the customer’s preference and satisfaction. Moreover in 2013 PT. Dolphin Food & Beverages Industry has received the PRIMANIYARTA award given by the Ministry of Trade Indonesia for the Category of “Pioneer to the New Market”. PT. Supratama is proud to be the partner of PT. Dolphin and will keep giving its best support.

Many PT. Dolphin’s product reaches international countries which means PT. Supratama packaging is not only available locally, it is also present in many countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, the UK, USA, Mexico, UAE, and even Australia.

Kudos to the team of PT. Dolphin and thank you for the trust given to us PT. Supratama Aneka Industri. Looking forward to many innovations from PT. Dolphin.

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