Supratama keep pursuing excellence in our capabilities to meet your needs


Supratama has vast experience in manufacturing rigid and sheet packaging with process including:

Extrusion (Sheet) Process

European Sheeting Lines technology with ability to provide optimum thickness for plastic sheet products

Injection Moulding Packaging

Injection Moulding technology for variances packaging products

Vacuum Forming Consumer Packaging

High Quality Vacuum Forming Packaging for niche market

Thermoforming Packaging

Quality European Thermoforming technology to deliver thin wall packaging products

Blow Moulding Packaging

Blow Moulding focus for PET packaging deliver optimum outlook especially for transparent packaging for food and beverages.

Decoration Services

As demand grow, we also equipped ourself with the latest decorating capabilities to give stunning image and colors including:

Dry Offset Printing Packaging

Swiss Technology provide high quality packaging decorations up to 8 colors decoration

Lamination Process

This process allow us to combine multiple layer so that the composite material is decorated with lush color which can not be done by other process

In-Mould Labelling/ IML Packaging

In Mould Label deliver optimum photo quality packaging appearances

Product Development

We provide experience team to guide you along the way to final product from infancy stage of product design, resin selection, testing, validation and regulatory.

Technical Services

To ensure fluent operation, onsite moldshop is available with support of experience and dedicated maintenance & engineering team.

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