Achievment for food safety certification FSSC 22000 v5.1 Packaging

In 2020 Supratama already has a goal for FSSC 22000 V.5 certification. However, because of the pandemic in March which had an impact on production activities and caused the certification process to be hampered. In 2022, the certification process began to be intensified which was updated to FSSC 22000 V5.1 with a target of achieving management passing certification by mid-2022. In March 2022 the management appointed and formed a food safety team that began to play an active role in supporting the completeness of requirements. certification and cooperate with BSI as a Certification Agency. For readiness to face external audits, this is the first time Supratama has conducted : - Traceability simulations (1 July 2022) - Emergency response simulations (5 July 2022) - Internal audits (30 June – 1 July 2022) - Management reviews (5 August 2022) The external audit was carried out in 2 meetings : - stage 1 on 8-9 August 2022 - stage 2 on 5-7 September 2022 . After going through the external audit, Supratama managed to get the FSSC 22000 certificate from the BSI Connect certification Institution.

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